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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Crazy Thursday

Many new items are being loaded onto the website this week. More bedding, jewelry, and some very interesting jewelry boxes are coming soon! Our most popular Father's Day gift are fully stocked and ready to go - the Antler Backscratchers!

We are getting ready to expand our brick and mortar store in Gladstone, Michigan! Our expansion will include an additional 800 square feet, and will include a quilt shop offering fabrics and notions for sale as well as classes. We are also very excited to announce our very first Jewelry Bar! We should have 6 seats available for customers to "belly up to the bar!" and learn how to make your very own jewelry! We will be incorporating after hours parties and birthday parties for girls. We can't wait to get started renovating! Be sure to watch for updates.

We are hoping to also add another of our local artists on the web site this week. Be sure to meet all our artists currently in our Artist Community.

This week the weather has finally broken and it seems as though May is finally here - just before it is gone again.

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